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My heritage in Holistic Healthcare begins with my grandmother Maria, in a small town in Siberia. From the early 20th century, she practiced traditional folk medicine to treat various illnesses in infants and kids. Her knowledge and wisdom were transferred to my mother, Elena, who continued the tradition by treating people through massage therapy in the Mediterranean region. She used minerals and natural products from the Dead Sea to restore and rejuvenate her patients’ health.

I was inspired by both women in my life and their tradition of providing holistic healthcare. My journey begins as a Physiotherapist’s assistant and Occupation Therapy. After years of practicing medicine, I realized that there are more natural ways of healing people. I became Registered Massage Therapist and, through the years, attained additional certifications and knowledge, discovering new ways to treat people.

I genuinely believe in the power of nature: Through massage and with the aid of natural products, the body can be stimulated and reinforced or calmed and relaxed – bringing wellbeing to one’s mind, body and spirit.


Cozy Atmosphere – comfort, warmth and relaxation for you

Different types of massage therapy for your needs

Nutrition program for weight loss

Rejuvenate treatment – Facial & Body on the same day

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Ela Shefer

Ela Shefer

Owner Operator – 3 Generations Care
Registered Massage Therapist
Cupping Therapist (International Cupping Therapy Association)
Skin Care Specialist
Occupational Therapy Assistant
Physiotherapy Assistant

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