Sports Massage & Kinesio Taping

Sport Massage and Kinesio Tiping

Sports massage is excellent for athletes and those that train/exercise regularly because it restores the body. During exercise, toxins and lactic acid accumulate in the muscles, so a sports massage helps to remove these. A sports massage will help relieve muscle tension, remove metabolic products, and restore the cardiovascular system, bringing the heart rate back to normal. A sports massage helps achieve a positive physical and psychological state, bringing the body into equilibrium once again. A sports massage is also essential for athletes and those that train/exercise as it helps prevent injuries or treat injuries.

Massage therapy is more effective after exercise when the muscles are already warm and ready. When the muscles are already warmed-up, less time is spent preparing the muscles for the massage itself. This is a definite benefit for those that exercise regularly!

The type of training/exercise that a person engages in does not matter because if the massage technique is applied correctly, the body is still grateful. Massage therapy is an excellent complement to physical exercise as it will help you bring your body to a normal, balanced state.