Types of Massage

Types of Massage

There is a huge variety of types of massage; how can a person choose the one necessary for them?

Start from the tasks you set for yourself

  • If the task is to relieve physical and emotional stress after a busy day, the person will be helped by a general relaxing massage.
  • If you want to solve a specific issue related to the state of health, this is a wellness massage for problem areas.
  • For those who want to get rid of cellulite, there is an anti-cellulite massage for this purpose, using cans and aromatherapy (Also, aromatherapy and canned massage are very effective for colds and bronchitis).
  • Therapeutic massage with the use of light therapy, ultrasounds, and electroshock, is employed to directly remove acute problems: Osteochondrosis, Neuralgia, Gout, pinching of the sciatic nerve, etc.
  • Sports: An explicit massage allows you to more effectively train and perform at competitions. This type of massage is carried out both before and during the competition.
  • Lymphatic drainage massage aims to make the body’s lymphatic system more efficient.
  • There is also a massage for pregnant women, which must be done to relieve tension and pain in the back and to remove puffiness from arms and legs.
  • A unique massage for newborns, it is made for babies from 3 months to a year. This is a significant period for newborns, and if your child develops properly and grows healthy first, we recommend doing a generalized massage for newborns.
  • For children one year and older, pediatric massage is aimed at preventing or eliminating some problems during child development, such as nervousness and poor sleep, muscle tension, flat feet, Kosolapte, respiratory diseases, etc.

In our family wellness centre, “3 Generations Care” every person will find a suitable type of massage for him; you need to want to do your health and have a good time!

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